Struggling family’s home renovated

Anathi Ntshanga, 21, made an emotional thank-you speech after police officials in Ezibeleni went beyond the call of duty and revamped her home in Bhekela, in partnership with various stakeholders.

In her moving speech, Anathi, who said she had never been gifted with anything in her life, brought tears to the eyes of all present, including Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality mayor Luleka Gubula and Chris Hani District Commissioner major general Funeka Siganga, who were among the attendees.

All I know is that at home we hustle. Relief packages would be distributed in the community and we would not be among the beneficiaries. We would tell ourselves that it was okay. My parents always taught me about the hardships of life and from a young age I understood our situation. I know that I will someday reach the top and my dream is to become a doctor. I love my parents and I will never abandon their teachings. I thank everyone for the assistance in renovating my home. I promise that I will pick up from where you left off and continue with the good work that everyone has done today. That is my wish,” she said.

The Ntshanga family was identified by two police officials who were doing routine patrols in Ezibeleni. Anathi and her mother were collecting recyclable material for profit, to help provide for the family’s needs.

The Rep reported (Facebook post leads to help for struggling family, July 31) that resident Lubabalo Zwelibanzi had posted details of the family’s day-to-day struggle which resulted in scores of people lending a helping hand.

Ezibeleni station commander Lt Col Nangamso Ngcangula said when the situation was brought to their attention, different stakeholders came on board to better the lives of these citizens. Contributions were made and a social responsibility initiative was born in an effort to ensure safety and welfare and to mark Women’s Month.

Siganga highlighted the importance of communities standing together with the police to root out crime and encouraged residents to report complaints against any members of Saps. “This initiative shows that we are prepared to work closely with members of the community to ensure welfare in our areas.” She called for people to also work together to end violence against women.

The hand over was done in the presence of police officials, members of the community policing forum (CPF), representatives from the Chris Hani District Municipality office on behalf of executive mayor Wongama Gela and the Moral Regeneration Movement.

Gubula acknowledged the initiative, highlighting the important role played by women in society. She indicated that transformation to develop communities and assist the government post 1994 was evident in the police force.

She handed over a bucket of cleaning materials to the family and announced Anathi would be provided with 12 months’ employment in the office of the mayor as of September 1, so that she will take home a stipend to help her family.

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