Suspect in attempted kidnapping at Florida restaurant has three previous convictions

A screengrab of a 24-year-old man allegedly attempting to kidnap a child at a pizza shop in Florida, Johannesburg.
Picture: Screengrab

A 24-year-old man who allegedly attempted to snatch a child at a restaurant in Florida, Johannesburg, was arrested in connection with another matter on Thursday, ahead of his court appearance.

Naseem Slamang appeared at the Roodepoort magistrate’s court on Thursday on charges of attempted kidnapping, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and common assault.

During the proceedings, it emerged that Slamang had a criminal record.

“On the previous occasion [when he appeared in court], the matter was postponed for profiling of the accused person, so what that exercise then revealed is that the accused has three previous convictions and a pending matter before this same court. A warrant was issued in October 2018, in that matter. It was effected this morning,” said spokesperson for the NPA Phindi Mjonondwane.

Slamang, who was dressed in a stained striped grey and blue shirt, had bruises on his head and a blackened eye. He kept looking behind him, instead of facing judge C Nobel, who later reprimanded him about this.

Court proceedings came to a halt during what appeared to be confusion between Slamang and his lawyer, Eric Mahlalela, who initially told the court he was comfortable with the filming of proceedings. He later made a U-turn on this.

Noble said the court would not be “placed under pressure” on making a decision whether the proceedings should be held in camera amid public interest in the case. He said the court would have preferred to have had the application two or three days in advance.

The case was postponed for a ruling on this, and for a formal bail hearing.

The NPA said it would oppose the bail application as the crime was considered a schedule 5 offence.

Slamang was arrested shortly after allegedly attempting to kidnap a four-year-old girl at a pizza shop in Florida last week.

In a video widely circulated, a man wearing clothes identical to those Slamang wore in court is seen jumping over the balcony at the restaurant and racing towards a young girl sitting with two women. He proceeded to grab her, but within seconds a man lunged towards the perpetrator and rescued the girl.

By Nonkululeko Njilo – TimesLIVE

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