Community starts clean-up campaign to teach others

KwaThemba residents in Ezibeleni embarked on a clean-up campaign in their neighbourhood on Saturday, to encourage each other to stop littering and to create awareness about the importance of a clean environment.

One of the organisers of the campaign, Vuyisa August, said about 40 KwaThemba residents participated in the clean-up, divided into various sections of the area.

“We decided to come together and clean our neighbourhood since we are the ones who dump the rubbish. People always said the municipality was not doing anything, but we are the ones who scatter all this rubbish. We decided to do something about it in my neighbourhood, while assisting the municipality which has been struggling to collect refuse due to their broken trucks.”

August indicated they planned to pick up the rubbish either every Saturday or fortnightly, to keep the momentum going and so that more residents may join in.

“We have not decided on many things since we have just launched the campaign. Today we focused on paper material and other items we can burn without causing any hazard.”

He said he believed it was important for residents to be educated about the importance of a clean environment and why it was wrong to litter in the first place.

“We hope to speak to residents and create awareness about the importance of keeping one’s surroundings clean. We will identify spots where people can burn their rubbish and another to throw garden refuse. There used to be “no dumping” signs in open spaces here so residents know they are not supposed to throw rubbish around but they still do, which is where the education aspect comes in.

“We need to take responsibility and stop complaining about the municipality not doing anything when we could do some things ourselves.”

Another resident, Lunga Tokwe, said the campaign should continue until it was etched in every KwaThemba resident’s mind that dumping rubbish was unhealthy for everyone.

“We need to do this this until it becomes a culture to pick up rubbish when we see it, and encourage those who continue to litter to take care of their own rubbish.”

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality spokesperson Lonwabo Kowa said the institution provided cleaning gloves and a dumpster to assist in the clean-up campaign.

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