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Joe Biden is the United States’ president elect. The Rep reporter, Ntsikelelo Qoyo, went to ask people in Komani how they felt about a Biden presidency.


Brad Cartwright

Brad Cartwright from a farm outside Komani

I am not interested, but it is a good thing Donald Trump is no longer in office. How can you be the CEO of multibillion-dollar companies and still do such an awful job as a president?






Lisakhanya Kwanini

Lisakhanya Kwanini from Madeira Park

I am happy because Trump will not be serving a second term. He was racist and ruined many people’s lives. His discrimination was very overt. I am sure Americans are also pleased. This is a chance for a fresh start and hopefully, he has ideas that will carry their country forward.





Mandilakhe Zazi

Mandilakhe Zazi from Top Town

I think it is great news that Biden took the elections. I do not think Trump was a good president. His policies towards China have affected all of us. For example, his fight with Huawei has also affected people around the world. I think things will go back to normal and there will be more stability in international relations across the board.




Ruan Baker

Ruan Baker from Top Town

I am not interested in who is their president. I did hear that a Biden victory was good for the rand though, so that is a positive. Personally, I was a Trump fan, but I am more interested in what happens here than there.





Emihle Mfuku

Emihle Mfuku from Ezibeleni

I live in South Africa so I do not think what happens there affects me. What has been happening there over past four years is evidence for me that we need to stop depending on other countries and do things ourselves. We have the resources, we just need to invest in ourselves.

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