LETTER| Municipalities rushing to spend service delivery funds before elections

Image: 123RF/Julija Sapic

Alfred Zanemvula Magatya wrote:

Take a break and move around if you don’t believe what I say. Money meant for service delivery has been kept idle despite people calling for its utilisation just to ensure that the current crop of politicians are voted back into power although they did little for their constituencies during their five-year term. This is a very disheartening practice on the part of politicians. Delivering on people’s needs only when voting approaches means that the electorate is not taken seriously.

Our president has once more emphasised the need for investment in infrastructure but councillors are oblivious to that. IDPs are full of infrastructure needs, but our municipalities are not ashamed when funds given to them as grants have to be returned to treasury due to non-spending. This last-minute provision of services is only an attempt not to have adverse reports after auditing. We won’t be fooled, but will continue to call on municipalities to ensure that projects that are likely to sustain economic livelihoods are invested in. These include spring water from our never-drying mountain streams to arable lands so that we can cultivate crops, vegetables and fruit. How many orchards does Cacadu have? The answer is “zilch” while every Jack and Jill knows that our area is good for peach production.

Let us not gun for votes. Now is the time for clinical thinking and innovation. Let us engage timeously and continuously to find answers to our economic woes. Let us all wake up and stop being untouchables who are so screwed up by thinking they are superior to those they lead. We are all inter-dependent.

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