LETTER| Industrialisation will boost our economy

Image: 123RF/Julija Sapic

The greater the number of citizens of a town, the greater the chances of a need to develop it to cater for their daily needs.

Areas like Gauteng, Tshwane and the North West have greater economies due to industrialisation that resulted in people migrating to them in search of work. Industrialists capitalised on the availability of natural resources and vast areas of land to boost local economies. Even the Free State has a prosperous economy due to commercial farming of arable fields.

Our small rural towns are lagging behind although we have vast areas of land that could be used to build factories. Farming is our business, but we need investments to make us prosperous. The establishment of commercial banks and malls will professionalise our daily business.

Let us relook at our stance on development and focus more on industrialisation to boost our economy.

By Alfred Zanemvula Magatya

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