EFF demands all schools close in 7 days

EFF leader Julius Malema demands schools shut down because of an increase in Covid-19 infection numbers

Julius Malema says schools must close in seven days, failure of which, EFF members will close schools themselves.

The ultimatum was delivered by Malema during a press conference on Thursday. The boisterous leader launched a tirade on the government for the decision to keep the doors of learning opened as Covid-19 infection numbers grow, even among children.

“There is not single one of us who did not have a child return from school because one of them tested positive, now, at this level 3. Crèche, I have a three-year-old and four-year-old. Twice they have been returned back for two weeks because one child tested positive. I have got a 14-year-old, grade 9, now for the second time being turned back because one of their own tested positive. Not the parents, the kids. It is now clear. It is attacking kids,” said Malema.

Malema went on to criticise a supposed absence by the minister of education, Angie Motshekga, who tabled her budget vote this past Tuesday at the National Council of Provinces. Motshekga would also defend the decision to return all primary school pupils to class next term after coming under fire from members of parliament about the decision.

Malema suggested that Motshekga had taken ill with cancer and asked why the President had not taken the country into his confidence.

“Where is the minister of education? Who heard from the minister of education? What type of kind of government is this?  If minister of education is sick like they are alleging she has got cancer, why are we not being told? So that we are not hard on her. What does it cost her if the country that she serves as minister gets to be told that she is sick? She will be more sick by us being told that she is sick? She is our minister. We must be told where is the minister of education. Results were announced in this country the minister was not there. They said she got Covid. They did not take the country into confidence. Now the latest is that she has got cancer. She is our minister. Our children are testing positive. Our children are o going to die. Where is our minister?” Malema said.

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