Mentors hold event to inspire

Thirty young women who will be upgrading their matric results this year came out inspired from an event hosted by obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Mihlali Simama and founder of Look Ahead Girls Movement, Ncebakazi Zikiza, at the Victoria Manor Guest House recently.

Not only was the event held during Youth Month, the gathering was to also mark the completion of the first year of Dr Simama’s practice, the Women’s Wellness Centre. Having repeated matric herself and with the idea of wanting to do something significant for the practice, Dr Simama said a long drive to Johannesburg with Zikiza birthed the dinner, themed ‘Inspiring A Girl Child’.

For those who have made it, there were always people giving words of encouragement for them to carry on, almost like refuelling us when we had little strength. This was to show these girls that they can still have a good time, even though they are going through the most. Your attitude determines your altitude in life and for me that rings true. Even though, as a person, you are going through difficult times you need to have a positive outlook and believe in something…something greater than yourself or where you are. Education is key because it gave me the platform and made me who I am today. Those were fundamental,” she said.

Through her FundaGirl campaign, engaging with scholars from different schools, Zikiza said her focus was on educating and empowering young female citizens. “Celebrating those who have passed has always been a norm, especially when matric results are released. We know the challenges in society that come with knowing, as an individual, that you did not make it. Some are perceived as failures so we decided to host this dinner to inspire, motivate and encourage,” she said.

The group received goodie bags, sanitary towels and a speech by author Zukiswa Ndabeni from Cofimvaba with her book entitled ‘Purpose in my pain’.

Our journeys will not be the same because we are different. We were fortunate to have attended such an event because young women need to have these conversations. We need to be in the presence of successful women who have made it, regardless of their failures,” said one of the students, Bukani Soci.