Woman demands 70% refund from wedding photographer because she’s now divorced

Photographer says he is shocked after a woman asked for a wedding shoot refund four years later because she was divorced.
Image: 123RF/GREKOV

“My life is a movie‚” said a Midrand-based photographer after he was left stunned by a woman who threatened to sue him to get a refund for her wedding pictures.

The photographer‚ Lance Romeo‚ on Tuesday shared screenshots of a conversation between him and the woman from Durban he had done a wedding shoot for about four years ago.

In the screenshot WhatsApp conversation‚ the woman reminded him of who she was before she made her request for a refund‚ saying the pictures were a “waste” because she was divorced.

Romeo said he initially thought someone was playing a trick on him‚ but the lady was persistent in her demand and even threatened to sue him if he refused.

The message from the lady read: “I am now divorced and those pictures‚ I and my ex-husband don’t need them any more. You did a wonderful job on them‚ but they went to waste as we are now divorced. I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we do not need them any more.”

When Romeo asked the woman if she was joking‚ she responded by saying “no dear‚ I am very serious”.

Romeo told her she would not get the refund.

Speaking to Kfm Flash Drive team‚ Romeo said he received a call from a lawyer.

“I was called by one lawyer‚ he said there was no case and he was laughing to himself. The lawyer was hysterical and could not believe it.”

Here is how the confrontation for the refund played out:

Source: ARENA Holdings.