Water billing fiasco worsens

faucet-1684902_640THE Komani Civic and Ratepayers Association has expressed its disappointment over Chris Hani District Municipality’s (CHDM) failure to address major technical glitches faced during the CHDM customer account correction campaign on water billing which started last week.The Rep visited the Library Hall, one of the venues for the public meeting on water accounts on Wednesday, and it was discovered that the meeting had been cancelled.

Association chairman Tokkie Deysel said a meeting with relevant stakeholders was scheduled to take place today to discuss a way forward.

“What we found is that some people have not yet been given their accounts and some are told go and get these at the municipality and when they get there they are told their accounts cannot be printed because of some technical problems.

“It is shocking that the accounts are not available to people and it seems some officials do not even know that the accounts are not out.”

He said the problem would make it impossible to move forward to the next phase of the campaign.

“We thought it was a good idea to set aside a whole day to give people their accounts and deal with their queries. Now, if we are still stuck with the issue of accounts not being handed over, it prevents us from moving to the next stage, which was to clean and read the water meters.”

He said the ratepayers had complimented Chris Hani for the initiative, but it was disappointing to hear people say they were told there was no paper for the accounts or that the machine was faulty. “As of now I do not have all the information and we will only know what exactly is happening after that meeting.”

CHDM spokeswoman Thobeka Mqamelo had not responded to questions at the time of going to print.

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