Accordionist in tune with music


“MUSIC makes me happy because I meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends.”

These were the sentiments of Mandla Masiza, a Cofimvaba man who teases great tunes from his accordion and who visits Komani from time to time to put food on the table.

During his recent visit, he played his signature tune, Amafong Kong, which means “counterfeit items”, at The Rep offices.


His friend taught him how to play the instrument. ‘’It did not take me long to learn. It was easy because I was enjoying myself.”

After mastering the instrument, Masiza said he saw an opportunity to make a living from the music. “Previously I worked as a builder in villages, but the money did not come immediately and when it did, it was not the amount we were promised.”

He said business was not always good but he was certain that when he came to Komani he would leave with a little something in his pocket.

When he builds up a fair amount, he uses it to visit his brothers and sisters in nearby villages.

He also finds the music therapeutic.

“When someone gives me a hard time during the day, I get home at night, play a song and forget about everything negative that was said to me.”

 Masiza  said he composed his own songs and laughingly said, “I would rather write songs for people than have them write for me”.

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