Security guard steps up to managerial job

Dedication pays off

LIFE is looking good for a former security guard, who is now employed as a manager at the Komani Resort. Akhona Skade failed matric in 2009 and had no thoughts of becoming a manager when he started working as a security guard in 2013.

“After I failed matric I went back and passed matric in 2010. I was hurt, but I looked ahead. I never thought I would manage this place but it has happened.” Skade was raised by his mother with his two sisters in Dongwe, outside Whittlesea.

”I grew up like any other child. I had goals but due to financial problems I could not achieve them. I wanted to be a doctor and management was my second option. I looked at the circumstances and saw that my mother was the only breadwinner at home so I had to man up and find a job.”

He enrolled for a security training course in 2011. “I did security courses for two years and used to take photos of people and print them to pay for the courses. It was a good feeling to be able to have a fixed salary and to be able to have a budget.”

After working as a security guard at the accommodation establishment based in Ebden Street, his hard work resulted in him being promoted to the position of a secretary in April last year before being appointed as a manager in September.

Today the 29-year-old leads a team of eight people. “Being a manager requires a lot of energy and you need to stay focused. If you are passionate about your job, give it your all. I am grateful to the owner of Komani Resort, Mkululi Pakade, who saw potential when I applied for the position.”

He said young people needed to have self-respect to accomplish their dreams. “Having a vision is a form of self respect. Many young people are addicted to some illegal substances but I told myself that I wanted to achieve something in life.”

Head of administration at Khula Investment Group, which oversees the Komani resort, Anele Matota, said Skade was an example to many young people. “He shows willingness to learn and is constantly trying to improve. He does not take criticism personally. He is a go-getter.”

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