Sassa debacle of great concern




WITH all the political turmoil these days, it is difficult to know on what to concentrate.
We have a few members of the same organization like Bathabile Dlamini basically disowning their own finance minister in parliament last week during the budget speech and then waking up the next day to wear another hat as ANCWL president, making a blistering attack on Pravin Gordan. A few days later, the king moron, Collen Maine, made his customary verbal diatribe in the name of the youth that belong to the ANC and called the finance minister an impimpi. Mind you, this is the same guy who said the Rand must be allowed to collapse.
On Tuesday, the bulletproof Bathabile Dlamini rode roughshod over both the parliamentary committee and Constitutional Court judgment by failing to cancel the Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) contract as ordered by the Concourt as far back as 2013. In the intervening four years, she has done absolutely nothing to either take over the distribution of the social grants or to find an alternative company to do so.
This led Scopa chairman Themba Godi to remark that, “This CPS thing is a ruse that we’re being given; a clearly laid-out plan to create an emergency and put a gun on everybody in South Africa.”
That, to me, is the crux of the whole matter. Questions like these and others have to be asked.
Why was Dlamini allowed to obfuscate and gerrymander for four years on the issue when she knew that the CPS contract was declared invalid by Concourt and the due date for cancellation was April 1 2017? When she was asked last year what plans were in place to take over the payment, she had no definite answer. Why was nothing done by President Jacob Zuma to whom she reports? Was she even asked to report on the progress in this matter that affects millions of destitute South Africans, many of whom totally depend on the grant for survival?
Was this the plan – to wait for the last minute so some manoeuvres could be done on an emergency basis to circumvent all Presentation on Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) regulations?
How can a public servant like Dlamini be allowed to break the law and ignore a court ruling without consequences? If a minister can be this brazen, what stops others from doing the same in the future?
Anyway, I am being stupid as we have seen this movie before, many times, at the SABC, Prasa and other parastatals.
Dlamini will just ignore everything and do as she pleases. We are indeed a country of no consequences

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