For the love of houses

GIFTED: KwaKomani pupil Awongwa Rawu with his latest model of a house Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

Recycling material goes a long way for KwaKomani pupil Awongwa Rawu, who has built more than 20 model houses in the past two years using egg box cardboard mixed with flour, glass and old magazines.

The only thing he has to budget for is paint.

Rawu,whose dream is to become an architect, said he found houses fascinating and valuable for the sense of comfort and shelter they provided.

“I make houses because I have a vision of designing bigger projects in future. I love big buildings and skyscrapers. My dream is to have my own company one day, where I can apply my unique ideas.”

It is no surprise that the pupil’s favourite subject is technology, which opens up his mind to different techniques and designing.

Rawu said he was also doing his best in mathematics. Another advantage was that he was able to draw.

The pupil is also business-minded.

“I have sold most of my houses and three of them are on display at the Queenstown Art Centre.

“The department of sport, recreation, arts and culture offered me the platform last year,” he said.

The money he generates is invested in buying paint, clothes and other basic necessities.

Rawu, who lives with his uncle, grew up without his mother and has never met his father.

“I have already made a model for my future dream house, which I would like to live in some day. Because that house is special to me, it is the only one that is not for sale.

“However ,people are welcome to approach me to create models of their existing houses, which I can create by looking at a picture of their house.

“If they do not mind they can allow me to take a photo of their house from outside.”

He said he would like to expand his knowledge about architecture and his wish was to find  a mentor who had experience in the sector or a student who was studying towards the subject.

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