SANBS celebrates women

Annually in South Africa, we remember a powerful moment in history where women took to the streets to make their voices heard. Every year, we commemorate these women who fought to make it possible for others to achieve what once seemed impossible. It is through their actions that more women fill up boardrooms, take seats in parliament and are celebrated for their sporting achievements. The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) celebrates National Women’s Day in South Africa and pays homage to the women of our nation, past and present, who cement themselves and make our country a better place.

The 1956 march to the Union Buildings comprised mothers, daughters and sisters who displayed the courage needed to initiate change. Not only did they march, but they also paved a way for women like Lebogang Lebogo, who blazes the trail in the SANBS as the first drone pilot who is in a position to save many lives.

This National Women’s Day, we celebrate South African women like Lebogang who display perseverance in all areas of their lives despite being faced with the adversities in our country’s current climate. The SANBS is privileged to acknowledge, thank and celebrate women, together with the rest of South Africa, especially those who make up our national blood donor base.

“We are passionate about women whose role is critical to the country’s blood supply. As caregivers, nurturers and mentors, they are perfectly positioned to be protagonists for blood donation and to send a message that donating blood is the right thing to do,” expressed Silungile Mlambo, SANBS Chief Marketing Officer. “Let us give back to the mothers, aunts, grandmothers and sisters who played pivotal roles in raising us, by donating blood,” Mlambo implored, as almost 28% of the blood issued by the SANBS is given to women during childbirth and for gynaecological complications.

With one blood donation, you can save up to three lives. Join us in honouring women this Sunday, 9 August by donating blood to save up to three lives.


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