Face 2 Face with Shameem Farooq

Face 2 Face with Shameem Farooq

  1. When did you begin your walking group and how many of you are there?

I started my walking group with only three friends and I. At present there are 45 members and we are still growing. The walking group name is “The Tribe” #Fortheloveofwalking.

  1. What is it that people do not know about walking?

Walking is the best way to stay healthy and fit. It is a stress reliever as well as an easy and fun way to lose weight.

  1. How often do you walk and where?

I walk five days a week, twice a day. We used to do runs and walks, but with the lockdown we do virtual races in Komani.

  1. What is your favourite treat to bake?

I love baking custard nozzle biscuits for my friends and family.

  1. What do you like about Komani?

I love our beautiful mountains and the dam, because it is an ideal and safe place to do our walks.

  1. What other sporting activity do you enjoy?

I love trial runs and hiking.

  1. Will you be voting in the next election and why?

Yes, I believe that each of us should vote. My vote must count as I believe that Komani can only grow from strength to strength with the right leadership.

  1. What makes a great community, according to you?

Community effort, people working hand-in-hand to bring change to improve everyone’s lives.

  1. What book are you reading at the moment?

I am currently reading FAZAAI-E-AA’MAAL which is the virtues of good deeds translated from Muslim.

  1. What aspect do you admire about your culture?

Helping people in their time of need, forgiving others’ offences, respecting elders, being kind to people and to animals. These are all major aspects and virtues in the Islamic culture which I follow and admire.

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