Komani couple accused of forcing boy, 12, to eat faeces get bail

COMMUNITY OUTRAGE: Children’s rights activist Petros Majola addressing residents and media outside the Queenstown magistrate’s court Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO

Angry residents protesting outside the Queenstown magistrate’s court were unhappy with the release of a married couple accused of forcing a neighbour’s 12-year-old child to eat his own faeces.

The suspects were arrested at Enkululekweni Township in Komani on June 7 following allegations of child abuse and assault.

It was reported that the boy was playing with his friends when he allegedly relieved himself in front of the gate of the suspects’ house. Reports further suggest that while he was relieving himself, the couple came out and assaulted the child, also forcing him to eat his own excrement.

The couple who made their third appearance this week were granted bail on Wednesday. More on this story in The Rep today.