Round Table no16 organises food drive for soup kitchens

OUTREACH: Round Table No 16 member Aloisius Alexander helping to deliver food recently donated by the organisation at the Azariah Outreach Centre Picture: SUPPLIED

The Queenstown Round Table No 16 recently organised a non-perishable food drive to aid the Azariah Outreach Centre and Deborah Arise soup kitchen.

The drives, sponsored by various businesses and individuals around Komani, are to help those less fortunate who have been especially hit by the pandemic.

The Azariah Outreach Centre and Deborah Arise care for, but are not limited to, people in Victoria Park, Aloevale and Newvale.

Round Table member, Mari-Alet van Oosten, said they wanted to use their resources to help the less fortunate. “Covid-19 has significantly increased the number of people who are dependent on receiving food from organisations like the abovementioned, and we felt that Round Table wanted to use the resources available to us to reach out to the whole of Queenstown to stand together and help the less fortunate.

“Azariah’s Outreach Centre serves around 150 to 200 people per week, and Deborah Arise around 50 people. The drive called on local businesses and individuals to donate non-perishable items to help stock up the pantries for these groups.

“Various local businesses and many individuals made very gracious donations which we have been able to distribute to the soup kitchens. It is so great to see that, when there is a need, we Queenstonians stand together to help each other,” she said.

Deborah Arise manager Deborah Stellenberg said donations from Round Table had assisted many families that depended on the soup kitchen. “This pandemic has left people in dire straits and this assistance will bring great relief. We will be able to feed many families through their generosity. Round Table also donated blankets during winter which were distributed to various communities. We are extremely grateful for their many acts of kindness and generosity. May God continue blessing their endeavours,” said Stellenberg.