Kia Motoring Monthly: Grand Sedona the ultimate family ride

THE Kia Grand Sedona ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, ease and reliability on the road. 

Billed as a family vehicle, the seven-seater MPV provides am ultimate sense of luxury with a spacious and impeccable interior.

The boot area also provides ample space for sports equipment, toys, luggage and everything else, easing the demands of a family road trip, writes Sonja Raasch.

The size of the vehicle should be no deterrent to a nervous driver, which a test drive to East London and Grahamstown proved conclusively over the weekend.

The vehicle handled beautifully around the bendy roads and passes to the destinations and the stability on the road was never in doubt.

The powerful engine ensured that passing vehicles was made easy, as was negotiating the curves and sometimes challenging road conditions in the Eastern Cape.

The vehicle elicited positive comments from the children as well, who loved their own cup containers and the roomy back seats.

The pull-up shades on the rear windows provided shade from the winter sun which streams through the large windows.

The powerful and automated sliding doors at the sides ensure easy and safe access, a great addition for any mom or dad needing to load up their brood on a regular basis.

Beautifully styled with a sleek, aerodynamic and imposing exterior and a rather impressive grill on the nose, the Kia Grand Sedona is a picture to behold.

The spacious cockpit ensures that both the driver and passengers can travel in supreme comfort, while enjoying the elegance of a sleekly designed centre console with all the gadgets you may need.

The heated steering wheel was a definite hit, while the superior seat materials elicited many compliments, and look easy to clean.

Another unusual – but welcome – feature is the presence of a second cubbyhole in the front, which provides perfect packing place for all those extra goodies required by the kids.

The back seats fold down if more packing place is needed, while the second row of seats boast armrests, which is different from the traditional bench” design.

While it is the ideal family vehicle, the Kia Grand Sedona cannot be limited to just that – if spending time with friends and travel are high on your agenda, then this vehicle will not only put you on the road, but also provide all the necessary space and mobility to do so in style.

The 2.2-litre diesel engine was more than sufficient for our road trip and the vehicle proved to be surprising fuel efficient considering its size and power.

The front and rear parking sensors helped to ensure that parking was an absolute pleasure.

Good news for prospective buyers would be that the vehicle is also available in an 11-seater configuration.

Further information on the Kia Grand Sedona is available from Kia in Komani on (045) 839-7194.

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