Queen’s College’s backetball teams reaching higher

The promising Queen’s College basketball teams are set to participate in three tournaments before the end of this semester, and hope to leave their mark as formidable and competitive teams in Johannesburg.

The tournaments will be against three Gauteng schools, with two taking place this month. The boys will play their first tournament today, another on February 27 and the third in March, preceded by the Eastern Cape Basketball Championships on February 22.

Queen’s basketball coach Wilbert Gumunyu said the boys were to attend a festival in Makhanda that involved five EC schools last Saturday, but had to turn back due to its cancellation because of bad weather conditions in the city.

We have already played against three schools this year including St. Andrew’s, Kingwood, and Dale College. For a school that only started basketball two years ago, we are doing well, especially considering that we play against boys who have been playing a number of years and are now playing for first and second teams.”

Gumunyu said improvement from his teams was evident in their play and the narrowing margin of the scores between teams playing against Queen’s.

Previously we used to lose by big margins, but lately and across all the teams that has changed. The difference now is about five points or less, and we even win some games.”

The coach said while the teams were good on the whole, there were a number of promising players including first and second team player, point guard Akhanyile Mgijima, who was the senior player of the year in last year’s sports awards. He said centre Yondela Mbasane played well against St. Andrew’s when the Queen’s second team beat St Andrew’s 42-0.

We also have a youngster, point guard Antonio Turugare, 13, who played in an U16 game and made quite a difference to the overall game and Amahle Mafutha always holds his own during games.”

The school’s U16 team left for Johannesburg yesterday to play against St Stithians College.

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