CHDM to dispose of obsolete assets

Chris Hani DM Special Council has approved disposal of items that can no longer be of benefit to the operations of the municipality due to their state of functionality.

Chris Hani DM undertakes periodic audits of its assets to take stock of what is still useful to the municipality to enhance its operations. Assets that have reached their useful life are tabled before Council as guided by the municipal Assets policy.

As per Legislative requirements, a municipal entity may transfer ownership or otherwise dispose of a capital asset in a meeting open to public.

A decision to dispose of assets may be taken based on reasonable grounds that the assets are not needed to provide minimum level of basic municipal services.

The District Municipality will issue out a notice to the public when all processes are concluded, to afford all interested an opportunity to view and make offers in an open and transparent procedure.

The identified assets range from desks, printers, office chairs, fridges, filing cabinets, speakers, vehicles and many more.

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